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We offer extremely competitive Business Energy Provider For Polesden Lacey, get a quote to find out how competitive.

Forward buying at today’s prices will protect your energy costs into the future.

For example, if your energy contract ends in eight months’ time, we will find you a contract that starts the next day, BUT, the price will be secured at today’s cost.  Effectively price protecting your business into the future, offering peace of mind knowing that your old contract will migrate into the new contract seamlessly.

Forward a copy of your current bill, we will get started and be in touch with the best deal options available.

You decide which deal suits you, leave the rest to us.

We’ll do the research – You enjoy the savings.

Powwerful Benefits

Take advantage of our longstanding relationships and enjoy a bespoke energy deal for your business.
Secure an energy price for the future based upon today’s costs.
Simply send us a copy of your bill and choose the best deal for your business.
Protect your energy costs into the future.
We bring over 15 years’ experience supporting small businesses and providing solutions that are matched to each customer.
If you're looking for Business Energy Provider For Polesden Lacey then contacting us if your best first step.

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Business Energy Provider For Polesden Lacey Case Study

VoIP Case Study

A case study featured in PC World found that when businesses with 30 phones switched to VoIP, they were able to save a monthly $1,200. (£850 or >£25.00 per line per month)

Businesses can save anywhere between 30% and 50% by switching to VoIP for their telephone systems. While the amount of savings can differ from company to company, almost all companies see a significant reduction in their telecommunication expenses. 


Real-World Case Study

When we arrived, this customer was getting a download speed 13.6Mbit/s to run his Pizza Takeaway business on. 

Shocking – but surprisingly common.

The Upload speed is ignored by most small businesses and it really should NOT be. Here’s why.

• Card Payment machines are crucial to shops and small businesses.   
• The upload figure is a critical factor in the payment transaction speed.

So, the speed at which the business owner can take payment transactions in busy times is restricted by this Upload speed value. At busy times of the day, this customer is using two or three card payment terminals at the same time. 

All these devices are having to share the available upload bandwidth.  Powwer were able to improve this metric from 8.79Mbit to over 18Mbit therefore more than doubling this performance and helping the business owner to service customers more efficiently.  

Remember these images are real customer data.

We sold him the following – For less than he was previously paying.

These values are now written into the contract with this customer.


FAQ's For Business Energy Provider For Polesden Lacey

By checking your most current bill you can determine whether your contract is coming to an end in the near future. The end date will be stated in the section containing your account number and contract tariff name. You will normally receive end of contract notification 40 – 60 days before the official end date. Most Business energy contracts will not be automatically renewed after they have expired – However your account willbe placed onto a ‘deemed’ rate until a new contract is put on place. Deemed rates will often be much higher than the previously contracted pricing. It is therefore important to limit or restrict the time youir business is placed in Deemed rates.

The bigest difference between business and domestic energy is the manner in which the suppliers set up the contracts. Business Energy contracts tend to be a fixed term usually from 1 – 5 years. They are also without the option to cancel early as they are required to run their course. In this way, Businesses can opt for a fixed-rate contract which will protect them from the volatilities of the energy market.

We will search the market to find out which UK suppliers are offering the best deals at the moment for your business. We will then get back in touch with you to share these findings. Ultimately the choice is yours.

The Energy providers are bound by a number of industry codes and also the supply Licence Conditions, these regulate how they do business and interact with customers. These rules are enforced by several independent regulatory bodies, including Ofgem. They are designed to protect Business customers to ensure they are treated fairly.

The right supplier can be dependent on the business sector. It is in, its finances, the ammount of energy consumed and how committed to the environment the business is. In general, SME use fixed-rate contracts that offer price guarantees for the contract term with a simple contract switching service.